René Wilhelm – the inventor of the ViCap dispensing system – presents: UNICAP, the first universal safety dosing cap for still or sparkling waters.

Vicap-Unicap : A success story

Swiss entrepreneur Rene Wilhelm developed the world’s first Push-Pull dosing cap for powder or liquids, VICAP.

VICAP’s function is comparable with coffee capsules and can dispense different flavors, vitamins, nutraceuticals, and pharmaceuticals into water or other liquids with one push.


To market VICAP, Wilhelm founded VICAP SYSTEMS AG in 2005. After 4 years of developing cap fillers and bottling equipment, the first of several clients began successfully utilizing VICAP in conjunction with their products.

2012 was the time when Wilhelm decided to split VICAP SYSTEMS marketing rights between the shareholders and took over the territories including the Americas and Australia. To adapt VICAP to a growing demand for carbonated beverages, Wilhelm developed UNICAP. According to experts, UNICAP is today’s best dosing cap on the market.

Patent pending

Licensed or full service

UNICAP or VICAP are available in 38mm neck size. They can be purchased filled with powder or liquid or the whole product, including bottling and sleeve, can be prepared for you.


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